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Jpeg image of homemade constipation remedy cayenne pepper. sack of ginger added for remedy for chronic constipation

Cayenne pepper and Ginger roots in combination is probably one of the best, most powerful and effective stimulants.  They contain great digestive enzymes that aid the digestive and the circulatory system.  They help to regulate blood pressure, strengthens the pulse and improve circulation by nourishing blood and the heart and lowering cholesterol.

Ginger in combination with cayenne cleanses the circulatory system and speed up healing of wounds. They repair and rebuild damaged tissues, heal ulcers and stop hemorrhaging.

Cayenne pepper and ginger also provide effective relieve for arthritis and rheumatism. They reduce inflammation, prevent the spread of infection and numbs pain.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper as a herb produces peristalsis in the colon and aids digestion. When used with other herbs, it helps to deliver these herbs more efficiently to where they are needed in the body.

These are two herbs that you can easily incorporate with most meals. 

If you intend to capsule this home remedy for constipation, then you need to experiment with whatever dosage works best for you. Start with one double 00 capsule immediately after you eat, then work your way up from there.  You may feel a burning sensation like heartburn in the upper stomach. This feeling will pass as your body gets used to you using cayenne and ginger

Both Cayenne and Ginger have the ability to block the ulcer producing effect of NSAIDS.  They also has shown to increase the body’s absorption of theopylline, a drug used to treat asthma.

Dick Quinn in his book, Left for Dead, tells how Cayenne pepper saved his life after coronary bypass surgery failed to restore it.

100% ORGANIC Cayenne pepper and ginger root powder are available separately most health storeS. I grow mine. I usually just sundry and powder them in a food processor, then sif and store them in jars. My preferred mix is 75% Cayenne and 25% Ginger

You can also add cayenne pepper and ginger into most foods, soups and salads.

If you are chronically constipated, my best advice is that you first do  a complete and intensive colon and systemic cleanse. This will chisel out the solid impacted feces that are block your colon wall and kill a lot the parasitical worm that are plug your butt hole and poop tease you

This constipation home remedy packs enough  power to eliminate constipation and keep you regular and has many other benefits, especially for your heart.

This formula is safe and effective for those breast feeding, young children and you are pregnant women.