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Connecting with nature, the people that we work with, the communities we live and work in is of cardinal importance to us

We Care

We listen to and act responsibly on the things that are important to the communities where we forage for plants, work and live in.

We plant trees

Because we know for sure that our breath of life depend on it. It is that simple.

Our guiding truth

We are driven
to love
to care
to listen
to learn
to start with what we know and build on the
immense wisdom that nature continues to teach; and to spread this wisdom to make the world a better place.

Our Corporate Responsibility

A substantial amount of our company’s profit is always and will always be reinvested in project that benefit and fulfill their aspirations.

When we harvest from a plant, we plant a tree. We do this not just because the forest provides all the ingredient that creates the income that sustain our company; We plant because we know for sure that our breath of life depend on it. It is that simple

Passion for Wellness

We are passionate about changing the world's health through nature’s innovation and believe that health, wellness and happiness should be accessible for everybody.

Giving back

A while back a young sister named Anita emailed to ask if we could assist with $45 dollars of free product from our giving together program. I said no because at that point in time our company was going through immense financial hardship which eventually lead to bankruptcy partly because some people over abused our giving back together program. We bounced back 4 years later and while auditing our old accounts realized that the sister Anita had attempted to order from our site 15 times and each time was declined due to insufficient funds on her card. We keep her in our prayers as we have not been able to contact her.

Giving Together Program

If for reasons of immense financial hardship you are unable to afford these wellness products please send us an email and prayers that OLODUMARE continue to bless our small company to be around long enough to continue to help