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Start your health, wellness, happiness and ideal weight journey with a 4 days intensive pre cleanse to eliminate the parasites that are the root cause of at least 90% of the weight gain and every ill health conditions. Parasites hack and manipulate the brain signal to direct the body to requisite, produce and store excess waste that they need their mansions inside you and in return sicken your body to the point of death
4 Days Pre cleanse with Paracleanse (CONTAINS 30 CAPSULES)
Day 1 – Take 6 capsules of paracleanse at night with something naturally sweet 4 days before you cleanse.
Day 2 – Take 7 capsules of paracleanse at night with something naturally sweet 3 days before you cleanse.
Day 3 – Take 8 capsules of paracleanse at night with something naturally sweet 2 day before you cleanse.
Day 4 – take 9 capsules of paracleanse the night before e your cleanse if you are starting your cleanse early on the morning day 5
Do not eat any meat, fish, poultry, snail or animal products; also do not drink alcohol, smoke cigarette, or use other recreational drugs for 24 hours before your cleanse.
Your last meal should be at least 12 hours before your cleanse and this should be a lite meal.
Get a good 7 – 9 hours’ sleep before your cleanse
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If you feel nauseated while cleansing, put a hand fan to you face or sit in front of a standing fan and breathe slowly Soaking in warm water bath would help to ease any cramps
You will use 12 capsules in all
8 capsules for your main cleanse
4 capsules for your follow on cleanse, which will be 10 days after your main cleanse
Light exercise is recommended to activate the cleansing faster but PLEASE STAY CLOSE TO YOU HOME.
Without exercise it could take anywhere between 1-3hrs before the cleansing kicks in.
Depending on the intensity of your workout you bowel movement could start within 45mins. Take mouthfuls of your juice or water as needed until your bowel movement kicks in
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Start with 4 capsules of Atunbi colon cleanse taken 1 capsule at a time 3 minutes apart
45 minute later take another 2 capsules 1 at a time 3 minutes apart
45 minutes later take the last 2 capsules 1 at a time 2 minutes apart
When your cleanse kicks in, drink 1 full glass of water (250ml – 350ml) with every bowel movement.
Increase your water intake to one and half to two glasses of water when you stool becomes runny and continue drinking water like this until the water coming out from your rectum is as clear as the water going in. The passage of water from your mouth through your system and out of your rectum will be no more than 2 minutes
Congratulations you are almost as clean as the first day you saw the light of planet earth.
Try fasting immediately after your cleanse for as long as you can, even if it is for only a half a day.  You may have apatite but you won’t feel hungry because the bulk of the greedy parasites that send feed me feed me signals to your brain are already dead and in the sewage where they belong.
If you decide to fast for longer than 1 day after your main cleanse. Mix 100ml of pure lime juice per 1 liter water to top up your energy during fasting. You will have amazing energy for about 4 days while fasting, so stay active and use the energy to burn out the waste product that your body doesn’t need
Take 2 capsule of Paracleanse per night for the next 10 days.
  Use the last 4 capsules for your follow on cleanse which will be 10 days after your main
FOLLOW ON CLEANSE INSTRUCTION Start with 2 capsules of Atunbi colon cleanse taken 1 capsule at a time 5 minutes apart
45 minute later take 1 capsule 45 minutes later take the last 1 capsule
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There are 3 different cleanse protocols on this link below. Scroll towards  the end of the page, a few short paragraphs below the image of man playing guitar.  just above where it says  FAQ





VIDEO link for watermelon and pumpkin seed protocol 




VIDEO LINK FOR LEGACY PROTOCOL                                                                   


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For the first 10 days after cleansing with the ATUNBI colon cleanse, eat very healthy. You diet should consist of a Lot of fruits and green vegetables (preferably those that are very high in alkaline and antioxidants). Stay off animal products for 10 days after your cleanse This will turbo charge your immune system. Remember your system is so clean that anything you put into it at this point can be an elixir of wellness and life or it can poison you a little faster
Balance up your alkaline/acid dietary intake to between 85/15 – 80/20 after using ATUNBI colon cleanse
If your metabolism is slow, please boost it up while taking the weight loss supplements suggested below
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TO BOOST METABOLISM To boost your metabolism buy 2 or more boxes of pure organic lime from the wholesale market near you.
Juice the lime and add between 1 to one and half teaspoon of powdered cayenne pepper and 1full table of grated ginger root teaspoons of   per liter of lime juice.  Mix well before using
Drink 150ml – 250ml of the juice per day , especially when you need your metabolism to be at its highest. it will turbo charge your metabolism
You can take any of the weight loss and maintenance supplement listed above with the lime/cayenne juice
Best Use
Take Atunrase blood purifier with warm or slightly hot water or drink 10 – 15 minutes before   you go for a workout, run or fast paced walk,
15 minute into your exercise or when you really start sweeting,  take your desired dosage of Lepa, or Atunyo or both with 100ml – 150ml of the lime/cayenne/ginger juice
Increase the pace of exercise
You must drink water when you feel thirsty. Atunrase, Atunyo and Lepa  require water to remove dislodged waste and fat
Do not take Belidown with juice unless your body agrees with it. (If  you try the juice with belidown 5 times and you continue to throw up. Stop it and email us for more advice)
If you intend to take the supplement below, start them within 48 hours after you first systemic cleanse
After jumpstarting your weight loss with Atunbi colon and complete systemic cleanse you SHOULD look into the products below to continue to lose more weight and optimize your health. Please remember that without a very healthy diet and adequate exercise the weight will always come back however much weight the products help you loss
(Belly fat reducer) will help you lose a lot of belly fat and water retention. Best started within a few days after your colon cleanse
Start with 1 capsules per day taken with a glass of water and see if you need to up the capsule intake to achieve desired belly reduction goal
It is best to take belidown on empty stomach or 3 – 5 away from food. or just before going to sleep as Belidown also works as a sleep belly fat burner pills
ATUNRASE  (30 CAPSULES IN BOTTLE) Take 1 capsule in the morning with a very warm or near hot drink then wait between 10 to 15 minutes and go outside for some form of exercise. This can be a high paced walk, run or workout at the gym. You will be pumped with so much energy that you will keep going and going and going! Please bring water with you as Atunrase induces you to drink water. Please obey your thirst. It is part of the process. Continue drinking water throughout the day.
Weight Loss and Management
Take 1-4 capsules per day in the morning with cold or warm drink. You can take the capsule with the lime/cayenne/ginger mix if you have a very slow metabolism. Drink adequate water throughout the day.
Intercellular and Intracellular cleanser:. Atunyo   aids in weight loss and dislodges toxins, parasites and mucous from the body.
Take 1 capsule per day for colon maintenance and general wellness.
Take 1- 4 capsules per day for weight loss and maintain normal Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar
Paracleanse is a super-strength natural formula that kills many types of parasites and supports a healthy intestinal balance
Alternatively you may want to look at getting our  WEIGHT LOSS AND COMPLETE WELLNESS MEGA PACK
This package includes
ATUNBI ( x6 )
Atunrase ( x2 )
ATUNYO ( x2 )
Lepa ( x2 )
Belidown ( x2 )
Total Value $450
Priced at $300
Total savings $150
To lose 140 – 200 pounds in the next 16 weeks– 40 weeks without saggy skin, here is what you will need
A lot of exercise
A lot of water
Very healthy plant base diet. (starvation is counterproductive. Don’t starve yourself)
Homemade probiotics
4 intensive systemic cleanse within 40 weeks
4 follow on cleanses within 40 weeks
2 intensive parasite cleanse within 40 weeks
4 regular parasite cleanse within 40 weeks
About 4 bottles of each of the supplements listed below