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  • 511 four mile road alexandria VA 22305

We go

where the herbs grow

We hardly cut down trees to make way for farmland

no herbicide small

No Herbicides

no pesticide

No Pesticide

no pesticide small

No Fertilizers

We clear around trees by hand and plant seeds in the ground

The Prosperous of existence come to make our existence prosper

We indulge ourselves the growth process of the most beautiful plants and harvest without putting undue pressure on the land; we mill and blend our harvest to make these wonderful remedies that are available here on our site and in selected stores around the world. It is really that simple.

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We till manually, plant seeds on the ground

No immense machineries or green houses. No fertilizers. We plant and nature completes. Even when we don’t plant, the plants still come out with a few friends. That is what nature does wonderfully well.