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Pumpkin Seed and Watermelon Protocol

Cookie and Baseball bat method
The story goes like this. A guy goes to the Doctor and after close inspection he is diagnosed to have parasites.

The scan pick up a  massive monstrous tape worm.

The Doctor books him in for 5 appointments and each time he must bring cookies and a mars bar. He complies. On each appointment the doctor spread him flat on the examination table, then proceeds to shove a cookie and 10 seconds later a mars bars up his butt hole. He feels violated but his wife says the doctor knows best.

On the last appointment the doctor tells him to leave the mars bar at home and bring a baseball bat instead. He argues but takes comfort in the fact that he his rolling with a  9 millimeter for revenge .

This time the Doctor shoves only the cookie up his ass. A couple of minutes later the tape worm crawls out and says. “hey, where is my mars bar!”. whack .

You get the idea. Bait the parasites out of their hiding places with something sweet and whack the shit out of them with Atunbi


Do not eat any meat, fish, poultry, snail or animal products; also do not drink alcohol, smoke cigarette, or use other recreational drugs for 24 hours before your cleanse.

Your last meal should be at least 12 hours before your cleanse and this should be a lite meal.

Get a good 7 – 9 hours’ sleep before your cleanse

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If you feel nauseated put a hand fan to you face or sit in front of a standing fan and breathe slowly

Soaking in warm water bath would help to ease any cramps

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What you need for this protocol

1 big seeded watermelon or Pineapple

250grams – 300 grams Pumpkin seeds without shells

3-5 liters of Water or more

Atunbi systemic cleanse capsules

If you are using 2 capsules take them 1 capsule at a time 1 hour apart

If you are using 3 capsules take them 1 capsule at a time 45 minutes apart

If you are using 4 capsules start with 2 capsules together, 45 minutes later take 1 capsule. 45 minutes later take the last capsule

If you are using 5 capsules start with 2 capsules together, 45 minutes later take 2 capsules together.  45 minutes later take the last 1 capsule

If you are using 6 capsules start with 3 capsules 1 at a time 3 minutes apart 45 minutes later take 2 capsules together.  45 minutes later take the last 1 capsule

Start your day with meditation to still your mind and relax your body. This will throw off parasites that have locked onto your brain signal and are waiting for any opportunity to make you vomit the capsules. Remember parasites and parasitical warms don’t have muscles but they can hack your brain signal and make you contrast whatever muscles they need to accomplish their objective

Roast pumpkin seeds on medium heat for about 4 minutes or until they turn slightly brown. Turn them constantly on your skillet so that they are  roasted evenly and do not burn.

Remove them from the heat source once they are nice and roasted and let them sit until cool enough to go into a blender

Cut up all the edible parts of the watermelon into small chunks and pour most of it in the blender filling it about 3/4 full before blending the watermelon for about 4 minutes

Add ¾ of the roasted pumpkin seeds into the blended watermelon and blend for another 4 minutes. Now pour the contents into a container and blend the remaining water melon and pumpkin seeds following the same process

Drink a full glass (2500ml – 350ml) of the watermelon – Pumpkin seed juice 1 HOUR BEFORE you take ATUNBI colon cleanse capsules.

Drink a half glass of the watermelon – Pumpkin seed juice 30 MINUTES BEFORE you take ATUNBI colon cleanse capsules


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Take the first ATUNBI colon cleanse capsule with a half glass of the watermelon – Pumpkin seed juice.

Take your following sets of Atunbi colon cleanse capsule a half glass of the watermelon – Pumpkin seed juice.

Light exercise is recommended to activate the cleansing faster but PLEASE STAY CLOSE TO YOU HOME.

Without exercise it could take anywhere between 1-3hrs before the cleansing kicks in.

Depending on the intensity of your workout you bowel movement could start within 45mins

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Whenever you feel unusual movement in your body. These movements are coordinated attacks from parasites to either stop your cleanse or make your life miserable for daring to get rid of them but they are addicted to sugar. The watermelon juice which you have laced with pumpkin seeds will paralyze them while ATUNBI colon cleanse kills and flushes them out

Take a mouth full of the  watermelon juice which you have laced with pumpkin seeds to paralyze them while ATUNBI colon cleanse kills and flushes them out

Once you begin to have bowel movements, drink 1 glass of water with every bowel movement

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Increase your water intake to one and half to two glasses of water when you stool becomes runny and continue drinking water like this until the water coming out from your rectum is as clear as the water going in. The passage of water from your mouth through your system and out of your rectum will be no more than 2 minutes

Congratulations you are almost as clean as the first day you saw the light of planet earth.


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For the first 10 days after cleansing with the ATUNBI colon cleanse, eat very healthy. You diet should consist of a Lot of fruits and green vegetables (preferably those that are very high in alkaline and antioxidants). Stay off animal products for 10 days after your cleanse This will turbo charge your immune system. Remember your system is so clean that anything you put into it at this point can be an elixir of wellness and life or it can poison you a little faster

Balance up your alkaline/acid dietary intake to between 85/15 – 80/20 after using ATUNBI colon cleanse


If your metabolism is slow, please boost it up while taking the weight loss supplements suggested below

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To boost your metabolism buy 2 or more boxes of pure organic lime from the wholesale market near you.

Juice the lime and add between 1 to one and half teaspoon of powdered cayenne pepper and 1full table of grated ginger root teaspoons of   per liter of lime juice.  Mix well before using

Drink 150ml – 250ml of the juice per day , especially when you need your metabolism to be at its highest. it will turbo charge your metabolism

You can take any of the weight loss and maintenance supplement listed above with the lime/cayenne juice

Best Use

Take Atunrase blood purifier with warm or slightly hot water or drink 10 – 15 minutes before   you go for a workout, run or fast paced walk,

15 minute into your exercise or when you really start sweeting,  take your desired dosage of Lepa, or Atunyo or both with 100ml – 150ml of the lime/cayenne/ginger juice

Increase the pace of exercise

You must drink water when you feel thirsty. Atunrase, Atunyo and Lepa  require water to remove dislodged waste and fat

Do not take Belidown with juice unless your body agrees with it. (If  you try the juice with belidown 5 times and you continue to throw up. Stop it and email us for more advice)

If you intend to take the supplement below, start them within 48 hours after you first systemic cleanse



 (Belly fat reducer) will help you lose a lot of belly fat and water retention. Best started within a few days after your colon cleanse

Start with 1 capsules per day taken with a glass of water and see if you need to up the capsule intake to achieve desired belly reduction goal

It is best to take belidown on empty stomach or 3 – 5 away from food. or just before going to sleep as Belidown also works as a sleep belly fat burner pills



Take 1 capsule in the morning with a very warm or near hot drink then wait between 10 to 15 minutes and go outside for some form of exercise. This can be a high paced walk, run or workout at the gym. You will be pumped with so much energy that you will keep going and going and going! Please bring water with you as Atunrase induces you to drink water. Please obey your thirst. It is part of the process. Continue drinking water throughout the day.


Weight Loss and Management

Take 1-4 capsules per day in the morning with cold or warm drink. You can take the capsule with the lime/cayenne/ginger mix if you have a very slow metabolism. Drink adequate water throughout the day.


Intercellular and Intracellular cleanser:. Atunyo   aids in weight loss and dislodges toxins, parasites and mucous from the body.

Take 1 capsule per day for colon maintenance and general wellness.

Take 1- 4 capsules per day for weight loss and maintain normal Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar


Paracleanse is a super-strength natural formula that kills many types of parasites and supports a healthy intestinal balance

Alternatively you may want to look at getting our  WEIGHT LOSS AND COMPLETE WELLNESS MEGA PACK

This package includes 

ATUNBI ( x6 )

Atunrase ( x2 )

ATUNYO ( x2 )

Lepa ( x2 )

Belidown ( x2 )

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