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This may be as simple as taking your bus at the next couple of stops down the road from your house or getting off 2 stops before your work place depending on how spread out the bus stops are. You can also break that hour in 2 half of 30 minutes in morning and 30 minutes when you are retuning

  1. Exercise for up to an hour every day.

If you can find the time after work then it’s even better to put in a concentrated hour. Stretch your muscles after your walk, do some joint mobility exercise, strength training, if you can, add some yoga and even swimming.

If you are not already exercising; start slow and increase the pace and duration of your exercise gradually

2. Get Adequate Sleep

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The amount of hour of sleep needed by our body varies from person to person but generally speaking most people need about 8 hours. The more sleep you get the better relaxed your brain, your mind and your body is, the higher your focus and performance would be

People who are already not feeling very well will benefit from more sleeping than usual. Those suffering from terminal illness will benefit greatly from more than 12 hours of sleep per day

3. Breath

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One of the biggest contributors to lack of wellness is lack of appropriate amount of oxygen circulating our body. It would sound like nonsense if I said that over 90% of adult do not know how to breath properly. You say thank you so much for that piece of useless information Sango. I have only been doing it naturally all my life

One of the reasons reason why a large why a large part of an actor’s training is dedicated to learning how to breathe properly is because it is true that tension is an actor’s worse enemy, be it on stage or screen, but this is true to every life environment. It is true for every person. You can use oxygen to properly regulate your nerves function.

Breathing should be a slow enough process from your nose or mouth, through your wind pipe, to your diaphragm. Where it can be store and used appropriately. For most of us however that process stops around the upper chest. So we are chesty breathers=

happy 1

4. Be Happy.

I often ask people if they are happy and a lot of people will say “what do you mean by that”

That is a problem right there. You are hungry or you are full. You are happy or you are not. It is that simple. What brings about the feeling of happiness is different for every body for an old friend it is Charlie Parker. For the wonderful gentle man that eased me into the vegan way of life it is Hagen dash tropical storm mixed with cookies and cream with whipped cream on top. Wait a minute. Yes it is dairy. It makes him happy and expands my smile and the funniness of our conversation when I share it with him

Whatever it is that make you happy. Cherish and enjoy it

5. Meditate safely


Why do you think that human are said to only use 5% of their brain power. It is not because we are incapable of maximizing the full capacity of our brain but because something else or energies are restricting your access to it. They are weak, insecure. What is the reason for this? Human were created too strong. Too complete.

ever meditate laying down on your back or any exceptionally relaxed position except you are 100+% sure that you are fully awake, focus and alert. Otherwise you will drift and will be hacked in that moment. Avoid holding conversations in your mind

Keep your meditation short. Keep it focused, keep it simple. Don’t count ducks or anything else unless you are absolutely sure that you are totally alert, otherwise rest assured that you did not become unsure or lose count just before your mind started wondering. YOU WERE HACKED

What is the remedy for not drifting or losing focus. I don’t know.

Turn of all distractions including music when you meditate


6. Be giving.

Don’t worry about if that dollar is going to booze or drugs, if you are not in the situation you cannot objectively judge the situation. Be more concerned about your reason for giving. Let what you give touch people directly. On the street’ in the subway. A dollar given to the homeless guy on the street may not be tax deductible but the smile that you get back from time to time is priceless.

One thing for sure is that you know that money is not going to be used to pay six figure salaries of some charitable organization executive

Beyond money, volunteer you time to participate in projects that make a difference to peoples lives’

honey BEE 1

7. Keep it Pure and Simple

If your heart is simple and pure and you are sure. Introduce a honey hive into your surroundings. Plant Bee friendly flowers that invite them. Take a crash course in been a bee keeper. (Some are as short as 2-4 weekends).

Give to your Honey bees not take away their food. If you could understand the language of the invisible realm of creation then you would understand the Honey Bees song and they will sing to greet you every day. They will protect you as they have always protected and preserved the survival of humanity from the beginning of time. This was the commitment that they made to the creator when he commanded that the Honey Bees life would always be sweet and the Honey Bees responded that they will make the world sweet as honey.


The Honey bees are your heavenly friend. NEVER fear them. Just like the Honey that they produce, every bit of their existence and presence is soothing and calming once you learn to trust yourself around them. Never worry about trivial pursuit for money or the trivial things that money buys around the Honey Bees. Instead think of the beauty that called the Honey Bees to you. You are surrounded by beautiful flowery plants, that is what they came to forage on and found you. Keep it simple. Keep it pure

8 Cultivate healthy relationships

Spend time with those who are important to you. Your spouse, children, parents, family, friends etc.

9. Laugh a lot

Laugh away things that have no bearing on your development even if they piss you off. People who use humor to cope with stress have better immune response, reduced risk of heart attack and stroke, they experience less pain during dental work and live longer. Laughter should be like a daily vitamin. Just reminiscing about funny moments can improve your relationship. Humor has many benefits.


10. Be positive about your life.

Love Your Life!. Optimism can make you healthier, happier and extend your life. The Army teaches it in order to increase mental toughness in soldiers. Being overconfident improves performance.


Let Your Food Be Your Medicine. This goes without saying. What you eat and drink must nourish your body, mind and soul. Not just satisfy your taste palate. Switch to plant base diet if you have not already done so. This is not about veganism. Animal products are highly acidic. Take time to research how your food is grown, sourced and what additives are been added to it because if the land that it is grown on, the seed, the water and the plant is poisoned via gene modification, pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizer the product will poison you. Regardless of the alkaline level of fruits and vegetables.

Research the plant in your garden, on your street, the park and close by forest for their medicinal nutritional and medicinal value and best ways to prepare them. Remember that the most informed articles are sometimes buried on or beyond page 10 of Google.

Did you know that walks in nature can boost immune cell activities, heal, increase quality of life and prolong life? If you are not close to nature don’t worry. Try some tree gazing. The effect is better felt than read about