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To Cleanse or not to Cleanse

Detox- Cleansing the Body Inside Out

What is a Detox

Detoxification is the process of removing toxins from the body.  This does not necessarily imply or require the use of external stimulants such as herbs, supplements, vitamins, minerals, complex diets, tea, fast, colonisc etc.


When you get adequate and quality 7-9 hours of sleep, this allows your brain to recharge and send the correct signals to appropriate organs in the body in order to detoxify and eliminate waste from the body.  

Quality sleep reduces stress and anxiety which are some of the most deadly toxins producers in the body because your nerves near shut down. Stress disrupts the respiratory system, the circulation system, the digestive system and the whole systemic functioning of the body.


Water helps in the natural detoxification of the body by regulating your body temperature, helping brain function and helping to eliminate waste through perspiration, urination and defecation.

Water removes metabolic waste from the body and also aids digestion and nutrient absorption. It also repairs and regenerates cells and makes sure the body is functioning at its optimum.

Additionally adequate intake of water helps to protect tissues and joints, prevents overall dehydration, boost energy and support cognitive function


When you breathe in, you take in oxygen. When you breathe out you remove carbon dioxide from the body (good stuff in bad stuff out. Its that simple)

The $1million question

If the body is capable of cleansing itself, why do I need a cleanse ritual ?

The very short answer is this; If your body is already very clean inside out, your diet food and the ground/atmosphere that it is grown in is very clean and pollutant free (as was the case for hundreds of thousands of years since humans been around).

If the air that you breathe and water that you drink are toxin free. If your lifestyle is stress free and there  are no systems or mechanisms in your life to make you anxious (work, mortgage, rent, family, policies, payments, credit cards, tuition etc, etc and more etc). Then yes a body cleansing aid would be redundant. Otherwise like they say When the going gets too turf to handle. You need to get tough and keep going.

Should you or shouldn’t you do a body detox?

It is really up to you. If you are against it then you will come up with all the arguments, reasons and studies that say body detoxing is a waste  exercise (including those sponsored by corporations whose securities and stock prices depend greatly on your body not functioning properly as could possibly happen with a good cleanse)

My friend that proof read this article said common sense and thousands of science backed studies have shown that the body is naturally capable of getting rid of toxins, after all this is why we poop, pee and sweat. So you’re really still not convincing your readers why there is a need to cleanse”.

If you are for body detoxing because you have derived or are still enjoying the benefits of detoxing, you may find yourself beating your head against the wall trying to convince those who need it the most that it will be the best thing that they can do for their health

Sure our bodies are on autopilot to detox spontaneously on a continual basis, our kidneys and livers are constantly working to clean out toxins that enter our bodies either through our food, think, habits or environmental impact


From the birth of humankind to near present day, we have always depended mostly on our natural environment to fulfill most of our needs from basic necessities to basic swagas. That was then.

This is now. Gas guzzlers have replaced long treks and carriages drawn by broncos, Even when we do our best to avoid gmo processed or chemically assisted food; acid rain and other environmental pollutants still participate in the growth process of our organic food and do eventually find there ways into our body.

What about the most dangerous body pollutant of all. Stress.

So even though you live the healthiest lifestyle, sleep enough, eat a little and fast a lot to stimulating the liver to push away the toxins from the body; The cleansing organs of the body can still do with that extra push to deal with excess workload

It doesn’t matter if you want a full body systemic cleanse or a targeted cleanse to detoxify a particular organ only, such as the colon, kidney or liver or colon. Natural herbs or herbal supplements in, juices, smoothies, infusions, oil, teas, pills, capsule and other forms can help you get rid of impacted waste, metabolic waste, mucus, parasites, dead cellular tissues, kidney stones, toxins, etc.

 I have always found that the key to a successful cleanse is the utilization of adequate water to flush and get rid of unneeded waste from the body. Yes including fatty deposits. The supplement acts as a dissolving agent and water does the heavy lifting.

A lot of people ask why they can’t just cleanse with water and my answer has remained the same for 25 years; yes you co0uld get some sort of cleanse but supplements and water need each other. Just imagine washing a load of dirty laundry without soap


Fasting is a great way to cleanse if your body mind and spirit is already cleanse and well-nourished from within. Otherwise it is starvation. A more sensible alternative is to eat about a third of your regular meal and make sure that 85% – 100% of what you have on your plate is plant based and contain at least 16 different types of minerals

One of the most hated part of cleansing happens to be the most solid prove that your cleanse is actually doing something;

CRAMPS. Nausea and feelings of discomfort.

The number one reason for this is parasites. You want to kill them to get rid of them so that you can take back full control of your happy healthy body. The parasites want to maintain the status quo where you are the slave that obeys their every command. Their gofer kid. Go get some sweet, go eat some more, go drink so booze, go dig your head in the sand. They leave zion in you and make you miserable

The other reason is the state of your colon. If it is cluttered and blocked with solid impacted waste. Imagine having to pull junks larger than tennis ball through those small tight intestinal tubes

Is the pain worth the gain?

Only you can determine that. If losing a lot of weight in a short period of time, normalizing you blood pressure and blood sugar,  feeling more energetic, mental clarity improved, skin is clearer, improved sleep, improved health and loosing excess body weight sounds liked worthwhile gain, then colon cleanse is probably right for you

Did you know that 80% of excess body weight comprise of waste materials?. Yes Impacted feces, mucus overload, parasites, fungus, dead cellular tissues, retained stinking water and toxins all chilling out in your body